The Lydia Blouse


The Lydia Blouse


Venti para Chally

black tank: Cheap Monday,   sweater: James Perse

pants: American Apparel,   boots: Salvatore Ferragamo

shawl: vintage from a Texan grandma,   leather bag pack: Frye

My go to coffee spot has changed for the last time. I used to sit at a few other cafes and eye the beautiful pastries on display, and order round after round of cafe con leches or cafe dobles. But now, I found a spot that I never thought I would frequent. It’s not for their quality, but for their quantity. I get so much coffee for the amount of Argentine pesos I pay. What is my go to coffee spot? It’s Starbucks, I know, I’m from Austin, TX where homegrown coffee shops grow faster than our grass. Places like Caffe Medici and Houndstooth used to be my go to places, but now that I’m in the land of small servings of coffee, Starbucks is the only place that recognizes my north American needs. I order a Venti cafe americano, which explains my dehydration, and I add a small amount of steamed milk to it. A coffee half the size of my arm for 14 Argentine pesos has changed my life. What’s funny is how many times I go to the same Starbucks in my neighborhood, Palermo Soho, and I order from the same cashiers, but they never get my name right. I even emphasize the “r” in my name by putting the latin style on the pronunciation and sounding it out as, “Charrrrrrrlie.” Then I made a second attempt by making a cultural reference that they could relate to and tied my name to the name of a living rock star legend in Argentina, Charlie Garcia, who is a crazy drug addict and quite the performer. They give me faces of confusion more so as to why I’m named after a drug addicted rock star and not as to why there is a girl in front of them with an english boy’s name. I’ve given up, and I’m fine with the name written on my Venti cup being, “CHALLY.” As long as the waterfalls are actually coffee, I’m fine with being Chally. Thank you Starbucks for satisfying my northern American needs. Hugs and kisses, Chally.

Plume and ink

hooded dress: Alexander Wang

amethyst necklace: Damselfly

bracelet: vintage Mexican Taxco silver

model: Arie Saint

photographer/stylist: Savage Souls

The best thing about this Alexander Wang dress is the sheer split back that is joined by a silk hood/scarf that makes for the easiest way to get some shade when a parasol isn’t nearby. Throw on a jacket and it’s an unplanned accessory. There is no wrong time to wear this dress. Ohhh Alexander, you make us ladies so happy.

Burry me under rocks

crystal & silver ring: made in Argentina,  amber rings: Earth Art

sand-blasted silver & turquoise necklace: vintage Navajo (City Wide Garage Sale ATX)

silver & gold amethyst ring: made in Argentina

gold plated silver fish necklace: vintage

engraved silver miniature deer hoof (Bavarian) necklace: Loved to death

double sided fly-owl necklace: Patch NYC

crystal & gold ear rings: Loved to death

Peruvian coin ear rings: Buffalo Exchange

I’ve always had an obsession with amber jewelry (jewelry in general) as you may be able to tell. Some of these pieces are old friends, but several are new additions I’ve picked up on my travels in South America. The newest piece is the massive chunk of crystal made into a ring. The minute I saw it i knew what my purpose for the day was, besides eating more Argentinean bbq. This Saturday is the day that I finally cave in and purchase a massive smoke crystal necklace that I’ve been stalking for the past month. Nothing will get in my way, unless it’s more amber. Perhaps some black onyx in my collection is a good idea. I’m thinking Colombian emeralds are top on the list.

photos by Arie Saint