Pamela Love Trunk Show

Pamela Love’s trunk show was wonderful. Her jewelry sings out what my soul feels. She’s wonderfully sweet and darling in person. I wanted to pick her brain, but I refrained myself from scaring her. Trying on necklaces and rings was fun torture. I need to budget for my future move, but my new year resolution will be to grab one of her quartz pieces for my collection. Also at the show was Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes. When meeting her it’s as if you’re meeting an enchanted fairy. With glasses of champagne that never emptied (because refills were poured secretly), a sick DJ, dancing best friends, and eye candy clothing a lovely Friday night in Dallas was spent. I love Pamela Love. I don’t love how tipsy my camera was.

p.s. Shop Savage Souls now available! Slowly but surely more pieces will be up for the full launch in January.


Plume and ink

hooded dress: Alexander Wang

amethyst necklace: Damselfly

bracelet: vintage Mexican Taxco silver

model: Arie Saint

photographer/stylist: Savage Souls

The best thing about this Alexander Wang dress is the sheer split back that is joined by a silk hood/scarf that makes for the easiest way to get some shade when a parasol isn’t nearby. Throw on a jacket and it’s an unplanned accessory. There is no wrong time to wear this dress. Ohhh Alexander, you make us ladies so happy.

Burry me under rocks

crystal & silver ring: made in Argentina,  amber rings: Earth Art

sand-blasted silver & turquoise necklace: vintage Navajo (City Wide Garage Sale ATX)

silver & gold amethyst ring: made in Argentina

gold plated silver fish necklace: vintage

engraved silver miniature deer hoof (Bavarian) necklace: Loved to death

double sided fly-owl necklace: Patch NYC

crystal & gold ear rings: Loved to death

Peruvian coin ear rings: Buffalo Exchange

I’ve always had an obsession with amber jewelry (jewelry in general) as you may be able to tell. Some of these pieces are old friends, but several are new additions I’ve picked up on my travels in South America. The newest piece is the massive chunk of crystal made into a ring. The minute I saw it i knew what my purpose for the day was, besides eating more Argentinean bbq. This Saturday is the day that I finally cave in and purchase a massive smoke crystal necklace that I’ve been stalking for the past month. Nothing will get in my way, unless it’s more amber. Perhaps some black onyx in my collection is a good idea. I’m thinking Colombian emeralds are top on the list.

photos by Arie Saint