The Lydia Blouse


The Lydia Blouse


This drips Donald

Lost in Shadows–Restricted in binding and constricting garments, Fusion model Joseph Culp appears before the lens of Christopher Hench for the new edition in Fiasco. Featured in a monochromatic wardrobe accented by accessories, Joseph is styled by Donald Hicks in labels from the likes of Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein and 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Stylist Donald Hicks is a fabulous old friend who now resides in New York City where he is flourishing in the fashion scene with his fierce styling skills. I remember the day when he packed up his black leather, metal chain garments, and all his fierceness into his designer luggage and left Austin, TX for the city he was meant for. I’m so proud of Donald, and I do miss his fashion mood swings where he would take off his perfectly styled outfit and put on a tight, red, mid-drif cut t-shirt that had, “Santa’s Bitch,” printed on the front and metallic booty shorts. He looked amazing in them, perhaps because he has a body of a professional dancer. Alright, he was a professional dancer who formerly danced for Ballet Austin among a few ballet companies, and it was obvious when he wore that naughty number. I miss having Donald physically in my life, and I would love to have him here with me in Buenos Aires, but I’m happy to see him popping up in NYC fashion editorials I browse through. Donald Hicks – Fierce.