From Buenos Aires to Seattle

floral hooded blouse: L.A.M.B.   black cashmere sweater: James Perse

black pants: Joie   black hat: Michael Kors  olive sheer top: Armani

A few pieces joining me in Seattle. It’s so cold, which is a good thing because it allows me to wear as many pieces of clothing as possible. That solves my problem of narrowing down my outfits. In Seattle, my layers are necessary.


4 thoughts on “From Buenos Aires to Seattle

  1. Cool photos.
    My favorites: first the ones with the hat. There’s something about it, I don’t know what, a je ne sais quoi….me encantan.
    Then: the two at the top, pulling the fabric around the face to form a mask. To hide the face and the person behind him. Stephen Dunn, the poet, says, “I reveal myself one mask at a time.” I couldn’t help thinking of that….
    Plus Seattle is cold. So you have to keep your face warm. =)

  2. They’re seriously cool. And the black & white ones have this wonderful washed-out overexposed quality to them….they could be in a bedroom….but you get the feeling the whiteness of the edredón could dissolve into the sands of the Sahara… Maybe it’s one of those magic hats: when you put it on, it opens doorways through time and space…. 😉

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