Fondue x 2

There is a place called the Old Hobbit in Villa Gesell, Argentina that is directly out of Lord of the Rings. Not even slightly hinting at the influence, but directly out of the book. The waiters are dressed as hobbits, and there is an old grandma hobbit that greets you at the door…rudely. The specialty on the menu is fondue everything. All the fondue specialties named after a character from the books. Even our dessert was fondue; fruits and cookies dipped in melted chocolate. Rather than ordering more fruit and cookies to finish off the chocolate fondue we grabbed our coffee spoons and finished it off and resulted in sugar highs. Think of the combination in our bellies: pork and fruit swimming in melted cheese and chocolate. This is a once in a decade type of experience for me, that is combining the two. Separately, I’ll conquer them any day. Two pots of melted substances downed, and two ladies with chocolate stained blouses led to an immediate turn in when we returned to the beach house. It was worth the bloating the following day. Well worth it.



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