Dark sweet day

Spending the weekend in Villa Gesell could have been better if we stayed more than four days. Now I get to day dream of those misty afternoons spent on the beach drowning in my swoop scarf and melancholic car rides to the neighboring villages hidden inside enchanting forests. The neighboring village, Carilo, is the closest thing to living in a fairy tale apart from living in Austria. The forest is magical, and there is a shopping center right in the center of it all. Every time I turned a corner, there was a garden patch with gnome statues right in the center. Don’t go if you fear gnomes, but do go if you love chocolate. A dose of getting lost in the forest and meditating on the beach is just what I needed. It’s become my happy place that I go to when in the middle of one of my many ballet classes and my leg is usually suspended above my head and I think to myself, “What about this painful position am I really enjoying?” Then when my leg is relieved from fighting gravity, I wonder, “What is it about standing on my toes in torturing pointe shoes that brings me satisfaction?” The answers are not easy for most to understand, and I recommend not researching if you want to keep pristine feet in your life.




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