Piso Veinte

What better way to spend a Sunday evening than with friends eating platters of cheese, and devouring bowls of pasta accompanied with delicious bottles of Argentine malbec. The view from my friend’s apartment was more than aesthetic. It was a reminder as to where I live, or shall I say, in what I live in. This massive city dense with activity and structures swallows up what your eyes can encompass. Looking into the city from up above made a calm sensation take over the anxiety produced by the traffic and the noise down below. How lucky we are to get to see the chaos mapped out in a grid of golden lines and shadowed walls. Buenos Aires is massive, but wonderful. So was dessert on the balcony, and our conversation filled with planning dates, and the plane ticket purchases in our futures to meet up at all the music and film festivals this coming new year. But first, October is a beautiful month to fill up.




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