Conjuring Tigre

I would not have woken up at 7:00a.m. for no other reason than to taxi to meet my three friends to catch a morning train headed to a magical place called Tigre. Locals of Buenos Aires refer to it as a paradise an hour away from the city. Paradise began on a rugged train with my three girlfriends: Arie, Ana, and Jesi. We huddled around each other and partook in sharing the traditional maté and cookies while laughing at each other’s exhausted faces. We continued our route via water taxi once in Tigre. What we were headed to was a river bed and breakfast with a magical essence. The woman who greeted us at the pier to our earthy bed and breakfast, Teresa, could not have been more perfect. Not only did she tend to our weekend long sleepover by making us special teas, and generously refilling our wine glasses, but she also read our tarot cards, and arranged for me to have a hot oil/rock massage. Our walk down the river was an adventure accompanied by a river kitten, which I have the theory was a witch who turned 100 years and then turned into a feline. You have to meet this kitten to understand. Crossing creek bridges, hills of grass, walking narrow brick paths shaded by the willowing branches of the river bed trees we began our group soul searching therapy. A fire place kept us warm during our conversations inside, and electric heated blankets when we turned in at night. The meals that Teresa prepared us were rich with earthly magic; that woman does not play around. Our weekend could have been more perfect, unlike what most people say to summarize a getaway to paradise. That is, if the plumbing would have worked well enough for us to have taken showers. I was already greasy with humidity from the city and lucidly day dreamed of showering upon arriving at Teresa’s house. My hot oil massage inevitably was an hour’s worth of marinating my body in excess oils that I (at the moment didn’t know) would not get to shower away until two days after returning back to Buenos Aires. My water heater at my house broke for two days upon arriving. I lived in my bath robe, and refused human interaction until it was fixed. I lasted a five day dirty hair challenge against my will. Despite the absence of showering in Tigre, I wouldn’t mind conjuring up another visit when the jasmine vines start to bloom. Won’t neglect to pack my dry shampoo this time.



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