The Lydia Blouse


The Lydia Blouse


Pamela Love Trunk Show

Pamela Love’s trunk show was wonderful. Her jewelry sings out what my soul feels. She’s wonderfully sweet and darling in person. I wanted to pick her brain, but I refrained myself from scaring her. Trying on necklaces and rings was fun torture. I need to budget for my future move, but my new year resolution will be to grab one of her quartz pieces for my collection. Also at the show was Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes. When meeting her it’s as if you’re meeting an enchanted fairy. With glasses of champagne that never emptied (because refills were poured secretly), a sick DJ, dancing best friends, and eye candy clothing a lovely Friday night in Dallas was spent. I love Pamela Love. I don’t love how tipsy my camera was.

p.s. Shop Savage Souls now available! Slowly but surely more pieces will be up for the full launch in January.

From Buenos Aires to Seattle

floral hooded blouse: L.A.M.B.   black cashmere sweater: James Perse

black pants: Joie   black hat: Michael Kors  olive sheer top: Armani

A few pieces joining me in Seattle. It’s so cold, which is a good thing because it allows me to wear as many pieces of clothing as possible. That solves my problem of narrowing down my outfits. In Seattle, my layers are necessary.


This past weekend some girlfriends and I spent a day eating and drinking coffee. It definitely wasn’t our first day following this theme, but it still held a great note of specialness. I found a cafe that serves coffee in a bowl, not a tea cup. I give it a few days before they know me by name and by what I order. One bowl of coffee is not enough, two is much closer. That’s how they’ll know me; the girl whose body is 78% coffee. Our dinner was comfort food from back home for two of us. Being from Texas, and Christina being from L.A., we take comfort in taco seasoned beef over a layer of rice and corn, and beans topped with avocado, lime, sour cream, and cheese. Delicious! Each dinner we have follows with a more intense than the last food coma. This evening was extra special because we all dove into boxes filled with pictures of our Argentine friend’s past. It’s always shocking to see how far you’ve come from when you were 15. I’m glad it was her box we were looking through and not mine. I need a shovel to dig a hole and burry those.